About us

Already more than 300 years ago, a certain man by the name of George Berkeley knew what would come over humanity when the internet comes: „Being is being perceived” was his fundamental principle of human cognition. The basic conviction increasingly shared by the zeitgeist is:

There is no such thing as WHO or WHAT cannot be found on the www! Therefore:

PARENTA Erbenermittlung P. Birkholz
Inheritance genealogy research & documentation Berlin 
Proprietress Franka Birkholz

This is us!


As a small bureau in this line of business, we are, at best, like the piccolo flute in an orchestra, but we’ve been playing it virtually ever since the heir tracing business came into being, and the flute is an integral part of any full-fledged woodwind instruments set. It even gets to play solo parts now and then. That’s how it is with us: Normally, hardly noticed, we outdo ourselves regularly when no one expects us to – as PARENTA and quite successful for over 15 years now. Maybe it’s because battles are fought with armies, but we prefer the foil when it comes to landing the decisive hit at the right moment.

Our core personnel include Katte (2nd from the left in photo), who has been part of our team since 2011. Named after Hans Hermann von Katte, childhood friend of Frederick the Great, he is synonymous with friendship and reliability. In our team, he sees to it that a congenial atmosphere prevails in the office and that we stay physically fit. The rest of the crew takes care of the daily chores. Likewise since 2011 with daughter Franka as proprietress, and papa Peter firmly wielding veto power: as the senior CEO and – if that should not suffice – as father.

If YOU should be among the (estimated) well over 98% of our contemporaries who know little about German inheritance law (Civil Code, 5th Book, inheritance law) and not much more about the fact that heir tracers help to safeguard a basic right (Art. 14 of the Basic Law of the Federal Republic) and in each individual case to enforce legal claims (see inheritance law), please refer to the innumerable relevant comments on the internet, and especially those of VERBAND DEUTSCHER ERBENERMITTLER e.V (Registered Association of German Heir Tracers).

However, if it was WE who contacted you regarding an inheritance case, then you belong to the (estimated) well under 2% of those who will ever have this experience in their lifetime. Which, in turn, is a reason why knowledge in this complex field is practically not important. What is necessary, we will explain to you or discuss with our contracting partners.

Due to time constraints alone, personal consultation is rather the exception, but nevertheless possible, if you attach importance to it, live in Berlin or its environs or if there is some alternative possibility. The internet and many other means of communication have, admittedly, changed our life too. With their aid, it no longer makes a difference in which part of the world we have located you.

We cannot tell you – before the inquiries are concluded – whether or not, at the end of the matter at hand, you will be among the legatees. But the more information you can provide us with on your own family, the better the chances that we will be able to let you know promptly whether or not you are among them. Experience has shown that this will motivate some to delve deeper into the exciting field of genealogy. We wish you luck and much success!